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Juegos con Envio gratis a todo el mundo por menos de USD $ 9.99

Garmin FR70, a new sports watch for indoor use only

Garmin is the leader in terms of satellite navigation aa long, is a major supplier of gadgets sporting events. Now it has announced a n ew sports watch for indoor use only, is pie FR70, a sleek exemplary training partner.

The new Garmin sports watch comes in a version for men and another for women, both very discreet and elegant so you can always be used not only when playing sports, at which action is to tell the time, frequency heart rate, calories burned s, speed and so on, because that is synchronized with compatible fitness equipment with the ANT + communication technology.

The FR70 is a gadget lightweight, comfortable and elegant, but not resistant to rain or other adverse weather conditions, therefore, external use is not advisable, although it can be a great indoor training aid, as when compatible rate monitors, cadence sensors or even bicycles, elliptical or treadmill with ANT + technology allows us to obtain valuable data in the gym.

In addition, the Garmin FR70 can be associated with a Tanita scale (BC-1000) to find and track over time your body composition. It also lets you send data to Garmin Connect, where we can obtain reports, graphs and illustrations with the data it collects the gadget on us.

It is expected that the new sports watch is on sale shortly at a price of $ 130.

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