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The new iPhone 4S do not detect most of the SIM cards, what a rip off

The new iPhone 4S do not detect most of the SIM cards, what a rip off.

Just after last year launched the iPhone 4 , some users began to report problems with coverage. The incidence was swelling and in a few days, baptized the problem with a rather peculiar name: Antennagate. 
This defect, solved within a few weeks for their own Apple , took the head to the users, the company itself and those in general who had bet on the buoyant technology firm apple. Everyone wondered: how can a problem of size dimensions have escaped the minds thinking of Apple? Well, it did and we could not find a more logical explanation. The thing is that a year later, the Cupertino has met with the same stone, casting a 4S iPhone already is carrying a list of incidents too broad.
iphone 4s sim 01

The reasons for our return to this issue have to do strictly with a new incident. And is that according to media reports as Engadget, some users have found iPhone 4S with the problem that your device does not detect the SIM card installed inside the phone. 
The truth is that at this point can not be confirmed that the incidence is global, since many users who have not experienced any problems. However, the world forums of people gather complaints disparate backgrounds who receive an error message every time they try to use thier phone to enter the famous SIM card. Apple still has not spoken about it, but everything suggests that a new headache occurs for the Cupertino.

The truth is that some users have already mulling several theories about the possible origin of this failure. On the one hand, there has been talk of a problem in MicroSim cards that would be used causing the non-identification by the device. The solution, if the hypothesis is true, is simple: just replace the old card with a new one MicroSim, requesting a copy of it. Towards a more serious fault is targeting the site Woo Servers. 
These indicate that the incidence could be due to the design of the tray that holds the card in question, so that the system would be causing a short circuit. In this case, Apple would have to leave the passage of this issue as soon as possible to take action on the matter.

iphone 4s 02

However, as an interim solution proposed snag a piece of tape that works as an insulator and not allow the hypothetical short. At this point I ask, have you detected any impact in relation to the operation of the card from your iPhone 4S microSIM? 
In the comments you have plenty of room to discuss how you are running the new iPhone 4S and what problems you have encountered, if any you have encountered. In fact, you know that not all Apple users have had problems with the battery or on the contact system. The errors seem to be under the responsibility of the company, although it would undermine the stability of the devices across the board. Apple will tell.

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