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HTC One X - Complete Analysis

HTC One X - Complete Analysis by Arturogoga

You probably have not heard much about HTC, despite being one of the manufacturers with extensive experience in the world of smartphones (in addition to being the first phone "Nexus" with the Nexus One).

And, at least locally, have never had much presence in the market. This changed in 2012, however, as HTC not only renewed its portfolio of equipment (reducing the number of phones available to only 3), but these are already available in Lima (of which we saw here ). Today, touches review the One X, the high-end phone launched by HTC, I've been using as primary phone in recent weeks.


The One X is a fairly powerful computer. Inside the terminal intestine (134.4 × 69.9 × 9.3mm) have a Tegra 3 quad core processor at 1.5 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 32 GBs of internal memory, a 4.7 inch screen with 1280x720p. This means that not only have no problem running any applications available in the Play Store, but also have access to some exclusive games for phones with Tegra processors, such as the recently launched (in Beta) Shadowgun: Deadzone. Android 4.0 comes standard on the machine, and is expected to Jelly Bean is available in those months.

2012-09-25 12.05.25

The design team is excellent. It just feels good in the hand, but the material on the back feels very good quality. In fact, despite being in the same price range, the phone is built better and looks better overall than the Galaxy S III (which we reviewed here ). Both the model white / black, black as we got to the review, showing the years of experience you have HTC build quality phones.

The camera is 8 megapixels, and offers a way "Burst" which allows us to capture, quickly, multiple images. The photo quality is excellent. In fact, I'd put just below the Xperia S in terms of image quality, exceeding even slightly as photos S3. In video, things change a bit, because the image stabilization system achieves the best results S3.

Here are some pictures taken with the One X:

2012-09-29 15.18.59

2012-10-06 15.44.45

2012-09-27 13.49.23

The native camera application is quite good, allowing us to choose quickly between capturing photos or video (without having to change modes). A quick menu will change us all kinds of functions, such as ISO, white balance, resolution, among other things. HTC also features an "auto upload", that will raise us to capture images instantly to Facebook or Flickr, if you wish. We also have additional modes like HDR, Panorama, and a useful night mode which increases the ISO to help capture photos in darkness.


The display is an IPS LCD panel of 4.7 "and 1280 × 720 resolution. Y is one of the best I've seen. The quality and color fidelity is excellent, thanks to use an IPS panel, viewing angles, which is extremely important in a smartphone by the different ways in which we handle, always gives us an excellent

HTC has a team of 32 GBs of internal storage available in the Peruvian market, and personally, I missed the lack of expandable memory. Rarely I have more than 17 to 20 GBs (music synchronized between Google Music / Spotify / Grooveshark, photos, videos and apps), so having the 32 GBs of storage without using a microSD was a nice option. Of course, if you need more storage, note that there is no microSD slot, so you probably want to find the model of 64 GBs (or another phone) if 32 GBs seems too limiting.

My complaint is the battery life. Unfortunately, HTC has chosen to put a 1800 mAh battery which, considering the amount of power that the One X consumed due to the screen (which is not as efficient in terms of consumption and AMOLED panel, for example) and the processor, will force us to continuously load. In fact, by placing side by side with the S3 noted the clear superiority of the second length due to a higher capacity and battery voltage. Another big problem with it is that HTC has decided not to give us the ability to change the battery (it is impossible to remove), which eliminates the possibility of buying a second battery and charge individually. It means that the battery life is terrible and probably reach the end of the day with average usage / high, just that compared to other models available in the market, could be much better. I would load a level comparable to the iPhone 4S, so maybe you always want to have with an external battery (like the one we reviewed here ) or load a microUSB cable to charge "on the go".


What we have, then, is a highly capable phone with excellent industrial design, a very good screen, one of the best cameras on a smartphone currently available, but suffering from battery problems.


Since I have the phone, HTC has released multiple updates for your computer. Initially, there was something extremely annoying, and is that part of the screen was occupied by a virtual button "menu", because the One X only has three buttons (App Switcher, Home and Back). This was remedied in the updating referenced, allowing us to modify the app switcher that after pressing a few seconds, display the menu button.

As for Sense, this new version (4.0) definitely feels lighter than previous versions, which were simply terrible. Here the experience is much less cluttered in general, and some changes that HTC has made to Android (like the camera application) definitely enhance the experience of Ice Cream Sandwich. Other changes, however, worsen the Android experience. An example is the application manager, instead of maintaining the application manager coming in Android 4.0, Sense we have one that is similar to the effect "Screen flow" of Apple, despite being pretty, a delay means extra the phone when all you want is to jump between apps. This presentation also allows us to see an application only visible (vs. 4-5 we see in the normal interface).


Other features included in Sense that pleased me, it's the little changes made by HTC to improve the overall experience. By default, for example, uses the accelerometer to know that we have picked up the phone, and therefore automatically reduces the ringtone volume. Similarly, when we answer the phone and put it upside down (with the screen facing the table), it will automatically activate the speaker to enter conference mode. Applications like "Gallery" without exceeding that offered by default in Android, and having a partnership with Dropbox, to connect ourselves with the team, get 25 GBs free for two years.

But on the other hand, things like the default keyboard, launcher and generally harm the final experience of Android. The keyboard I particularly disliked, considering that the ICS is quite functional. Another big complaint is that it seems that the approval process - at least in the terminal that was given - has not been completed. The equipment has been approved for Sure, but after several updates, vi Singapore appeared applications that unfortunately can not eliminate (but hide) unless we root. Fortunately, both the launcher and keyboard are easy to replace (my suggestions: Nova Launcher and SwiftKey 3)



It is unfortunate that we can not access the battery to have a spare and swap or even buy a longer duration. As a heavy user (my smartphone is, after all, my pocket notebook always available), is this why I'm leaning towards the S III.

Unlike previous versions, now Sense brings some positive changes (like the camera application, Gallery, and the functions mentioned in the software section) to compensate for the negative changes (like the app switcher) and it does not feel as "heavy "as in past versions.

However, the HTC One X is an excellent phone, and is a very good alternative for those looking for a high-end smartphone with excellent industrial design, good camera, and display.



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