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The iPhone 4S now have audio problems

The iPhone 4S  now have audio problems. The smartphone should be called the FailPhone 4S

With the launch of iPhone 4S controversies that have only enlivened. If at first the discussion was the fact that Apple had released a new edition of the iPhone 4 instead of an iPhone 5 completely renovated, days after it has been discussed about a hypothetical failure of the battery terminal. In fact, if you've been up to date with all news around the famous Apple phone, you know that some users have reported the fact that its battery runs out very soon. 

In principle, according to some media such as The Guardian, the problem lie in the "Setting Time Zone", the same that controls the search for new time zones on the basis of movements performed by the user over the territory. The thing is that the system is disabled and the location functions remain active, which is undoubtedly a powerful reason to wear sterile 4S iPhone battery.

Well, if this problem were not enough, the guys at Apple have to face now a new controversy. It has nothing to do with the Antennagate already affected the iPhone 4. This time, we must refer to a matter of sound. As reported in the half BGR, conclusive evidence would place another problem with the audio system of the device, since using the iPhone 4S through the headset, the terminal would be producing calls resonate with all the inconvenience this fact may entail. The truth is that by now, Apple has not commented on the matter, probably first occupied in resolving incidents related to the phone's battery. Who knows.

For now, we know that these complaints appear in the Apple support forums and in many media have echoed the news through feedback from new users. The problem would occur, according to a hit in the Apple forums, using the headset during a call. After 30 seconds, the echo begins to occur and the call becomes a nightmare. The user has tried it with headphones signed by Apple and it seems the problem persists, even after resetting the factory settings.

It is clear that the workaround to this issue is quite simple. Simply unplug the cable and reconnect it to the cycle of the call back to restart and annoying echo occurs seconds later. However, this is an interim solution unserious. We are confident that Apple has been working on correcting this flaw, so far detected through the company's own forums and through tests conducted by the BGR itself.

We can not help but ask 4S iPhone users in Spain. Have you experienced any problems in this regard? ¿Hear your echo in call? The comments section is open to discuss the issue. Go on.

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